Catherine Baker-Pitts, PhD, LCSW


Writing and Research

Dr. Baker-Pitts is currently exploring body transformations in a culture in transition. Her clinical work and publications, including two chapters in Body-States (2015), affirm nonconforming bodies and gender creativity.

Catherine is a member of The Body Attachment Group, a research project affiliated with the New School for Social Research.  Together with an international team of feminist psychoanalysts, body and movement therapists, and infant attachment researchers, this group is studying the transgenerational transmission of anxiety and (dis)embodiment from caregiver to child. The Body Attachment Group has presented its innovative research findings at the American Psychological Association conference and at psychoanalytic institutes in New York.

Prior publications include Fed Up: College Students and Eating Problems (Gurze, 2000), as well as professional papers and book reviews. Her paper, Two Bodies in the Room: An intersubjective view of female objectification (Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, 2007, 12 124-141.), sparked a conversation among therapists about the bodies in treatment and the importance of female subjectivity.

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